Release History


  • Add delete to delete runs.
  • Add delete link to the web view’s runs page.
  • Add report to produce static HTML output for a run.
  • Fix a problem with the “ignore” path management under virtualenv.


  • Update the web view to only show changes in variables. The calculation of changes is very rough, and just compares the current set of variables to the previous set, which might be in a completely unrelated scope.
  • Update the web view to show consecutive lines executed together as a single block. A new block is started for each call into a function or when the value of a previously-seen local variable changes.
  • Update the web view to show comments near the source line being executed as further context.
  • Simplify calculation of local variable changes.
  • Tighten up the run view output to allow for wider lines and reduce clutter.
  • Make the tests pass under python 3.3. Still not doing any live testing with python3 apps, but this is a start.
  • Add an option to run to include modules from the standard library. This is disabled by default.
  • Add an option to run to include modules from the site-packages directory (for third-party installed modules). This is enabled by default.
  • Add an option to run to include a specific package in the trace output by name on the command line.
  • Updated to Bootstrap 3 CSS framework.
  • Add pagination support to the detailed trace report.


  • Add a call graph image, built with gprof2dot and graphviz.
  • Add Server Mode documentation.
  • Clean up template implementations.
  • Clean up navigation and breadcrumbs.



  • Add record command.
  • Add list command.
  • Add web ui and server command
  • Add mode option to run to allow writing results directly to a database file.


Use the script runner code from coverage instead of reinventing it.


First public release. Includes basic functionality of runner and monitor.